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Benefits of Using Onion Hair Oil: Is Onion Oil Good for Hair?

Hair fall being major issue doesn’t come alone means is accompanied w

Hair fall being major issue doesn’t come alone means is accompanied with other scalp issues like dandruff, baldness, hair thinning and greying.
The main culprit is pollution is that damages and loses hair natural shine slowly day by day. The hard water also takes a toll on hair making the strands weak and lifeless.  The natural oil from hair is lost by hard water and pollutants, making it prone to breakage.

To find out more about the magical hair oil to solve all your hair issues everyone tries all variety available. Here we ensure that onion oil

is a proven remedy to boost hair regrowth. Onion oil also rejuvenates hair follicles and prevent hair fall. Hence, is widely used Ayurveda solution to ensure awesome hair.  The continuous dedication to apply onion oil regularly in an appropriate way gives miraculous results

Important benefits of using onion oil are enlisted here:

  1. Onion oil optimizes hair growth cycle by antioxidants in it which boost the functioning of certain enzymes.
  2. Onion oil is a magical oil that effectively prevent and treat baldness.
  3. Onion oil is rich in sulfur treats split ends and thinning of hair.
  4. Onion oil contains nutrients that prevents oxidation of hair.
  5. Onion oil maintains the regular pH of the hair
  6. Onion oil is known for preventing premature greying since ancient times
  7. Onion oil rejuvenates hair follicles
  8. Onion oil nourishes scalp ensuring thicker and stronger hair growth.
  9. The regular use of miraculous onion oil effectively promote hair regrowth.
  10. Onion oil aid in increasing the length of hair
  11. Onion oil ensures shiny and healthy hair.
  12. Onion oil is a natural conditioner that prevents dryness and controls frizz.



How to use onion oil on hair:

  1. use few drops of oil on palm and massage ( 15-20 mins)
  2. let the oil sit in for a few hours
  3. rinse it off with natural shampoo
  4. Repeat the process every two days a week