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Issue face by ladies during pregnancy and Tips

Period of pregnancy: annoying problems less dangerous 

Period of pregnancy: annoying problems less dangerous 

Does these issues/problems need attention?   -ANSWER IS BIG YES

These issues include:
1.    Cramps
2.    Urinary frequency - needing to pass urine often
3.    Urinary stress incontinence - leaking urine
4.    Heartburn and indigestion
5.    Blocked nose
6.    Varicose veins - swollen leg veins
7.    Varicose veins in the genital area
8.    Constipation 
9.    haemorrhoids
10.    Backache
11.    Vaginal thrush
12.    Infections (influenza, chickenpox, shingles, slapped face, whooping cough)
Among these following needs medical attention to relieve symptoms:
1.    Cramps
2.    urinary frequency 
3.    incontinence
4.    heartburn 
5.    indigestion
6.    varicose veins
7.    backache
8.    constipation
9.    haemorrhoids
10.    thrush

CAN THIS BE CHANGE-------------------?
YES, surely certain changes in lifestyle aid in relieve of symptoms.
Therefore, it’s better to seek medical help about these

Most common issues in pregnancy:

1.    Leg and foot cramps second half of pregnancy/gestational period -usually in night.
Cramp: advised to keep leg straight and pull  toes back towards  knee on flat surface 
Idea is to stretch calf muscle 
What If this doesn’t work?:
Try standing up with foot flat on the floor 
Still if it persist apply warm coconut  oil with gentle hand on calf muscle of legs to increase blood circulation
2.    Frequent urge to urination or frequent urination: 
Its need to pass urine more often than usual; who will decide this usual deadline -definitely pregnant woman comparing her pre gestational routine
Well, in the first 12–14 weeks of pregnancy this problem makes a comeback in last weeks of your pregnancy
In last week of pregnancy it is because the baby’s head sinks lower into the pelvis means ready for delivery.
Is it that Urinary frequency is normal during pregnancy and you can't really do anything to relieve it: YES it is normal and only advice is to keep mother hydrated.
3.    Sensation of burning, stinging or back pain during urination. 
Signs of a urinary tract infection: NOT TO BE NEGLECTED AT ALL Advisable to be treated quickly to avoid any complications.
4.    Urinary stress incontinence - leaking of urine during &/or after pregnancy when coughing or laughing is normal and may become more of a problem later in pregnancy as well.
How to prevent the urine stress incontinence: Strengthening pelvic floor muscles through antenatal yoga asana and after your baby is born.
Still if this condition persists during gestational period/pregnancy please consult gynecology team at earliest.
5.    Heartburn and indigestion: considered and reported most common and uncomfortable problem among pregnant issues
How to relieve heartburn? -- With an antacid solution or tablets as prescribed by concerned healthcare team as not every product is suitable to use in pregnancy.
Other remedies to prevent heart burn:- Eat small meals avoid fatty and spicy foods. Raising the head of bed, in night or after meal while taking rest help with heartburn at night. Well, drinking a glass of milk or taking a spoon of yoghurt also relieves heartburn.
6.    Blocked nose and runny nose which might be associated with bleeds for no obvious reason is also reported sign as pregnancy issues. 
What can be the reason- Only reason is disturbed pregnancy hormones >>which causes delicate lining of the nose to soften and swell resulting in runny or blocked nose. This is seen in first few months of pregnancy and may persist till termination of pregnancy or gestational period.
Solution: Advisable for pregnant female try not to blow nose too hard as this can result in nosebleeds. 
Warning: The counter cold medicines available in market are not suitable to use during pregnancy while certain nasal spray products are useful (check with Doctor for same).
Home remedies: Steam inhalations 
7.    Swollen leg veins are referred as Varicose veins:--- usually appear as swollen, knotty, bluish veins, this develops on legs during pregnancy. What can be reason behind it:- Pregnancy hormones are thought to make you more likely to develop these veins.
How to prevent varicose veins from developing and appropriate solution that will help to relieve the aching as symptom that often happens due to it consequence:-
o    Avoid standing for long periods
o    Avoid crossing legs long sitting hours
o    Rest with the feet and legs higher in comparison to rest of body
o    Do gentle, regular exercise such as walking or antenatal yoga asana under supervision
o    Wear supportive pantyhose
o    Tell the medical team in case any reddened, swollen or painful areas on legs are there ASAP
8.    Varicose veins in the genital area is rarely common: varicose veins in the area around the opening to the vagina rare finding become quite painful.
Remedies: Lying down and resting often during the day And get gynaecology checkup done ASAP
9.    Constipation and haemorrhoids: During pregnancy bowel motions are hard and difficult to pass faeces/stools.  If not treated lead to haemorrhoids (piles). This results in swollen veins around anus (bottom).
Remedies: Overcome constipation under medical supervision.
How to relieve constipation by diet?
Increase the fibre in diet by:
o    wholegrain bread and cereals
o    fresh and dried fruit
o    vegetables
o    nuts 
o    cooked dried beans
o    lentils 

Aim at:
o    Drink at least 6 - 8 glasses of water each day
o    Eat 30 - 40 grams of fibre every day

10.    Backache: results due to combination of softened ligaments. Also adding factor is increasing weight of a growing baby which alters  posture during pregnancy
Remedies: Maintaining a good posture. P.actising regular antenatal exercises and wearing comfortable flat-heeled shoes 
Make backache issues under knowledge of doctor.
11.    Vaginal thrush  / Increased vaginal discharge during pregnancy: QITE NORMAL
When the vaginal discharge in pregnancy is not considered normal?-As discharge becomes thick, itchy, uncomfortable or has an unpleasant smell its not normal. Please speak to doctor immediately.  How can be prevented?: wear cotton underwear, keep vagina clean and dry, try to avoid public washroom
12.    Infections common in pregnancy are:
o    Influenza
o    Chickenpox
o    Shingles
o    slapped face
o    whooping cough
Influenza: may lead to miscarriage or premature labour. Safe to have influenza vaccine at any stage of pregnancy.
Chickenpox: rarely in cases where female during pregnancy have chickenpox it might be aassociated with baby having a birth defect. Better to get immunised against it. 
Due to viral infection in childhood which is sometimes called 'slapped face disease' or 'slapped cheek disease' an associated mild illness persists. This is considered most common sign of rash on the face as if slapped. This rash can be itchy and have tendency to spread to other parts of the body.
Whooping cough (Pertussis): do not cause problems for an unborn baby.