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What are antioxidant and Antioxidant foods you must eat

Antioxidants – set of both natural and synthetic chemical with ability to tackle

Antioxidants – set of both natural and synthetic chemical with ability to tackle or inhibit oxidation:--- prevent  slow damage to cells caused by unstable molecules

 Antioxidant containing food is good for:

  1. stomach
  2. heart
  3. good glowing skin
  4. anti-cancer properties
  5. activate brain cells
  6. eyes
  7. anti inflammatory
  8. bone
  9. decrease ageing process


Enumerate naturally ocurring Antioxidants ?

  1. flavanols in chocolate
  2. resveratrol in red wine
  3. lycopene in tomatoes
  4. beta-carotene in carrots



What are oxidants?:- Oxidants unstable= free radicals that body produces in defence mechanism against bacteria and/ or viruses.


As oxidant (unstable molecules) become too many and start attacking, harming the cells resulting in increasing  risk of serious diseases like heart trouble and cancer;  the antioxidants help by neutralising .

Can oxidant be acquired from outside body?- Yes body encounter oxidants from the external environment i.e. by pollutants, smoke or alcohol also.

Oxidants usually in comparison to antioxidants naturally produced in the body are more making it important to have a continuous supply of antioxidants. This harmonious balance is necessary for good health.  

Diet is this external source for good quality and quantitative balance of antioxidants

Enumerated below antioxidant rich foods are must to be incorporated in diet:


1. Dark chocolate: provides big antioxidant bite as are rich in flavanols and polyphenols.

2. Kidney beans: all types like black, pinto, red are high-octane sources of antioxidants which inturn is also boon to muscle protein.

3. Raisins: kick up bite loaded with antioxidants especially when you are Dark raisins lover because they are composed of anthocyanins and are energy booster as well.  Interestingly, in smoothies its best for pregnant female and the baby in womb.

4. Barley: the ancient grain of Asian history has been known for its antioxidant levels that increase if consumed when sprouted.

5. Broccoli:- beauty of all humble vegetable available is responsible to steal limelight due to its miraculous cancer-fighting antioxidants. It is not deniable that carotenoids, lutein, zeaxanthin and beta-carotene are all provided by cruciferous beauty on table in diet.

5. Oranges, lime juice:- antioxidants like Vitamin C are completely advisable ti be condumed raw without exposure to.

Note:  heat for beta-carotene make it potent while on heating vit c or lutein they get dissoluted

6. Tomatoes--- red ball is packed by nature with three types of antioxidants namely Lycopene Vitamin C and Vitamin A.

7. Walnuts: cholesterol-free, low in sodium, loaded with antioxidants offer huge amounts of antioxidant called polyphenols.