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Are You Facing Hair fall, Dry Hair, and Dandruff Problem? Know How Hairboon Can Help You.

Dandruff causes flaky skin, dry hair on your scalp followed by hair fall.

Dandruff causes flaky skin, dry hair on your scalp followed by hair fall. This is associated with flaky skin falls off from scalp, leaving white flakes on your shoulders, dry itch scalp, dry weak hair and baldness. It is important to focus on preventing dandruff-related hair loss and eliminating itchiness of scalp. The elimination of itchiness will reduce urge to scratch protecting hair follicles against further damage.

Hairboon oil is miraculous potion congaing golden old natural elements with significant actions for good hair health. Also it is observed and studied that all natural elements in hairboon oil surely efficaciously not only prevent but also treat dandruff and related problem


Natural elements in miraculous Hairboon oil are enlisted below:

  1. Onion seed: prevents fungal infections and scalp diseases  preventing dandruff, and stop hair fall
  2. Bhringraj: capable of revitalizing the hair follicles; facilitating hair growth
  3. Reetha:   control dandruff and promotes hair growth
  4. Anwla: maintaining the health of the scalp and aid in conditioning effect to all types of hair
  5. Neem treat hair loss and is able to curb dandruff.
  6. Shikakai:  have property of cleansing of scalp by inducing sebum secretion it is potential element of hairboon oil that aid in reducing the itchiness and inflammation of scalp
  7. Nilini: promotes hair growth, reduce hair fall and thinning,
  8. Brahmi: stimulates hair growth, prevent hair loss by alkaloids in Brahmi that make hair stronger and thicker.
  9. Khareti: responsible as tonic for hair,
  10. Ustekhadoos:  beneficial effects on brain and nerves
  11. Majisht: Nourishes & revitalizes hair,
  12.  Till Tail: known inincreasing the circulation of scalp on massaging and prevet dandruff