Weak Immune System: 5 Signs To Identify A Weak Immune System

5 Signs To Identify A Weak Immune System

Immunity is a part of every alive organism’s body on this earth. If you know what is immunity and how to improve that then you should be also aware that there are some signs by which you can identify a weak immune system.  

The weak immune system causes dangerous diseases. But, how can you identify that you or your loved ones have a weak immune system?

Here are the 5 signs on which you should focus on identifying your own or someone’s weak immune system.

1) High-Stress Level

Some people get sick when they face a lot of workloads, tough times in family, tough phases of life, etc.

It’s because when we take the stress our body starts burning or decreasing the lymphocytes (white blood cells) who are responsible to fight against bacterias and viruses.

 It means we increase the risk of getting sick when we get stress.

2) You Have A Cold And Not Recovering

Having a cold for adults two to three times in a year is common and most people get perfect after 7 to 10 days.

Our body takes 3 to 4 days to create antidotes for the germs who enter our body and cause cold.

But, if you’re having a cold and you’re not recovering from it then there is a clear sign that your immune system is weak.

3) Stomach Problems

There could be so many tummy related problems like frequent diarrhea, constipation, or gas. This is the biggest sign that your immune system is very weak.

70% of the immune system is located in our gut. In short, in our gut, so many bacterias and microorganism lives which are beneficial to digest food, protect our gut, and keep our immunity strong. 

So, if you’re facing stomach problems constantly then it is a sign that you have a weak immune system.

4) Slow Wounds Healing

Sometimes our skin gets cuts, burns, and scratches. These small wounds can be easily healed through our nutrition-rich blood.  

Our body sends nutrition-rich blood to our wounds to regenerate new skin. This processing time totally depends upon the immune cells in our blood. 

But, when you have a weak immunity your wounds will stay longer and sometimes you feel linger in your wounds. 

This is another sign that your immune system is weak.

5) Always Tiredness

When we perform tasks and spend energy, our body needs rest to heal again. 

This is a natural process by which our body collects energy again through our diet and sleep. At that time, every normal person feels tired. 

On the other hand, if you haven’t performed any task and even if you took a nap and still feeling tired then this is a clear sign that your body is conserving energy and giving it to your immune system. 

It also makes you feel tired if you haven’t done anything or even took a long sleep.

Weak Immune System Affects Your Life

Slow immunity affects the whole lifestyle of a person. 

It can ruin your enjoyment time, affect your performance at home and work, etc.

Hence, you should adopt a healthy lifestyle to keep your immunity strong and to make your life run smoother. 
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