Tips For Dealing With COVID-19 Stress

Tips For Dealing With COVID-19 Stress

PANDEMIC COVID19 IS STRESSFUL (And it’s essential to take care of your mental health as well in accordance with systemic health).

Stress during an infectious disease outbreak causes certain irreversible damage:

  • Fear and worry about your own health 
  • Fear and worry about the health of your loved ones
  • Yes, recession in the economy during lockdown- cause your financial situation questionable 
  • Unavoidable changes in sleep or eating patterns
  • Ultimately anxiety disorders related difficulty in sleeping or concentrating at any work
  • In case of presence of any comorbid conditions like diabetes or COPD or senior citizens----Worsening of chronic health problems is un-inevitable
  • This has not been uncommonly associated with the worsening of mental health conditions.
  • Tobacco or alcohol abuse and other addiction may dominate

We’ve Put Together Some Tips For Coping Up With The Concern Of Situation:-

Following tips are surely helpful to cope with home isolation, pandemic, COVID19 pandemic related issues, like systemic and psycho health & /or economic burden, etc..:-

**Tips for you and your family to help cope with home isolation as being in home isolation itself is frightening particularly for young children:-

  1. Talk about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) to reduce anxiety with your family members
  2. Try to follow accurate, up to date information on COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
  3. Counsel young children using age-appropriate language.
  4. Don’t disturb normal daily routine as much as possible
  5. arrange work from home 
  6. ask child’s school to supply assignments, worksheets, and homework by post or email
  7. Think positive outcomes like coping with difficult situations in the past and success
  8. Also, reassure yourself that you will cope with this situation too and help corona warriors in their effort to save human species
  9. Always remind others and Remember that isolation won’t last forever
  10.  Try your best possible effort to keep in touch with family members and friends via telephone, email, or social media.
  11. Exercise or do yoga regularly at home, this is adequate in itself to boost health immunity and an excellent boost to mental health i.e. appropriate stress reliever
  12. Include exercise or power yoga along with DVDs, dancing, floor exercises, meditated yoga, walking around the backyard or using home exercise equipment, such as a stationary bicycle
  13. Do your home core work by yourself its best exercise as it will also keep you busy & is a proven treatment for stress and depression since traditional times
  14. Ask your family, friends or other members of the household to pick up your groceries and medicines for you or order online 
  15. Well, it’s advisable to treat isolation as an opportunity that allows doing some of those things you never usually have time for, such as:
  • board games, 
  • craft, 
  • drawing,
  • reading 
  • gardening
  • cleaning
  • cooking
  • and  yes quality time with yourself and your family
  1. Eat healthy and balanced meals timely
  2.  Take immune-boosting drinks
  3.  Also, have a smooth pattern of sleeping
  4.  Try to indulge in practicing discussing healthy topics related to good humor at home in the family
  5.  Try to give enough time to your children and aged parents; availing it as an opportunity. This will help you inversely as well; as the idea is to avoid being lonely in negative thoughts.