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    Levocetirizine is in the drug class antihistamines. Levocetirizine is used to treat the following conditions: Allergic RhinitisAllergiesUrticaria


  • CEFABIG – 200DT


    CEFABIG - 200DT is an antibiotic belonging to the cephalosporin group, which is used to treat a variety of bacterial infections.


  • JOLEXY-625 Tablet


    JOLEXY-625 Tablet is a penicillin-type of antibiotic that helps your body fight infections caused by bacteria. It is used to treat infections…


  • Erloset Tablet


    Uses of the Erloset Non-small cell lung cancerPancreatic cancer


  • Gefitide Tablet


    Gefitide is used in patients in which non-small cell lung cancer has spread to other parts of the body, who have abnormal…


  • Immutide Forte Capsule


    Immutide Forte Capsule is a powerful and safe remedy for cancer which also boosts up the immune system. This tablet is recommended…


  • Immutide Gold Capsule


    It provides anti-oxidant support, reducing the effect of aging and it is useful in generating energy in the body especially for vital…