Orthoways – Best Ayurvedic Oils For Joint Pain & How It Works

Herbal ingredients in Orthoways oil and corresponding mechanism of action:-

  1. Nilgiri oil
  2. Kapoor oil
  3. Peppermint oil
  4. Gandhpura oil
  5. Till oil
  6. Alsi oil
  7. Tarpin oil
  8. Rasna
  9. Shalaki
  10. Hathjod
  11. Sarson oil

[Orthoways ayurvedic oil has been reported effective in reducing pain, swelling, and inflammation]

Nilgiri oil:- Nilgiri oil contains α-pinene and 1,8-cineole. These compounds act as an antioxidant, with strong radical scavenging activities which suppress edema formation, reduced inflammation, and pain.

Kapoor oil:- Kapoor oil has dual hot and cold action.  It numbs and cools nerve endings, followed by increased circulation to stiff joints and muscles giving warmth.

Peppermint oil:- acts by inhibition of smooth muscle contraction by blocking calcium channels. Also, it contains menthol that has a cooling effect on sore muscles. 

Gandhpura oil:- gandhpura oil is used topically (diluted) or aromatherapeutically as a remedy for muscle and joint discomfort. These effects are likely because the primary metabolite of methyl salicylate -salicylic acid, a proven NSAID makes its 98% of the composition.

Till oil:- used for massaging as it is believed to rid the body of heat due to its viscous nature upon rubbing

Alsi oil:- as a source of  α-Linolenic acid, (an omega-3 fatty acid) responsible for reducing inflammation

Tarpin oil:- composed of terpenes, primarily the monoterpenes alpha-and beta-pinene – mainly used as  solvent & applied to the skin for joint pain, muscle pain, nerve pain, and toothaches

Rasna:- massage with Rasna oil helps to reduce joint pain due to its Vata balancing property. Rasna is considered the most valuable herb for the treatment of anti-inflammatory disorders. Triterpenoids, flavonoids, lactones, and sterols as major components of Rasana manage various health issues.

Shalaki:- it has oleo gum resin extracted to aid in reduces swelling as well as stiffness in the inflamed joints due to its analgesic & anti-inflammatory property 

Hathjod:- Helps In Relieving The swelling Pain, Inflammation and accelerates healing by balancing Vata properties in its Methanolic extract of aerial parts of C. quadrangularis contains 0.47% stigmasterol and 1.15% β-sitosterol

Sarson oil:- presence of Omega-3 fatty acids, Sarson oil has great benefits in healing it stimulates blood flow in the veins and reduces pain in muscles and joints.