How Lack of Sleep Affects Your Sex Life

How Lack of Sleep Affects Your Sex Life

Sex life needs a boost, indicating more time in bed sleeping.

Trusted source a study reported lack of sleep kills libido

Researchers in this study followed 4,000 males and females for a year.
It was observed that poor sleep was associated with erectile dysfunction in males and orgasm difficulty in females; evidently stating those not getting enough sleep impacts erectile dysfunction and lack of sexual desires.

Also, one study published in 2018 including college women (Journal of Sexual Medicine) indicated that females slept for one hour longer, associated with 14 percent higher libido following day. 

Bruce Corser, M.D., MBA, the medical director at the Sleep Management Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio stated that “Everybody’s sleep requirement is different.

With this optimizing sleep for improved sex life also means optimizing sleep for whoever’s sleeping with you(optimized sleep counting both partners). The sleep necessity varies from person to person; male and female with distinct issues encountering sleep affect the sex life of both the partners.

Following enlistments if remembered as facts will definitely help to optimize sleep as sack following improved sex life:-

  1. Optimize Sleep Maintains Testosterone Levels indicated for apt vigor, mood, and libido in males

2. Optimized sleep keeps mood to hit for both genders

3. Enough sleep prevent risky decision making like having sex without protection i.e. minimize your risk of any unwarranted surprises

4. Optimum sleep Defeats Erectile Dysfunction

5. Sleep Increases the “Love Hormone” oxytocin and lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol

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