Diet Plan Who Have Vitamin D And Calcium Deficiency

Diet Plan Who Have Vitamin D And Calcium Deficiency

“Well said groundwork for good health is all about DIET”

Already diagnosed with deficiency or at risk of developing deficiency of vitamin D and calcium; here are some sources, facts and appropriate tips which really can help you.

Sources of vitamin D:

  1. Fatty fish- tuna, mackerel,salmon.
  2. Foods fortified with vitamin D, certain dairy products, orange juice, soy milk, cereals
  3. Beef liver
  4. Cheese
  5. Egg yolks

Sources of calcium:

  1. milk, cheese and some other dairy foods.
  2. green leafy vegetables –curly kale, okra, spinach.
  3. soya drinks with added calcium.
  4. bread and anything made with fortified flour shall be included
  5. fish where you eat the bones such as sardines and pilchards.

What Time Of Day Is Best For Vitamin D To Be Incorporated In Diet?

Yes, it afternoon, lunch the Midday is the preferred best time. 

Is There Any Fruit Rich In Vitamin D?

No fruits are high in vitamin D. Still, fortified orange juice is the only fruit product commonly available with vitamin D.

If You Are Vegan And Can’t Depend On Fish For Vitamin D Then What To Do?

Well, you kno that Vitamin D-fortified soy, almond and oat milks contain 100 to 144 IUs, or 2.5 to 3.6 micrograms per cup of vit D and is available easily in market.

Do You Love To Eat Chocolates And Have A Vitamin Deficiency? Or It's Your Kid Having Vitamin D Deficiency>Let Me Tell You What To Do?

Buy dark chocolates cocoa butter for your kid.  YES according to the research reported, cocoa butter and dark chocolate have the highest amount of vitamin D2. Also some of fortified chocolate powder for milk or coffee is also available.

What Time Of Day Is Best For Calcium To Be Incorporated In Diet?

Morning hours are most appropriate to take your part of calcium it will help body to absorb calcium more efficiently as per various reported studies.

Is There Any Fruit Rich In Calcium?

Oranges, Blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, cranberries are good sources of calcium. 

If You Are Intolerant To Lactose And Can’t Depend On Dairy Products For Calcium: Where To Depend On In That Scenario?

Greens. Turnip, collard greens, kale, Beans-  Garbanzo, kidney, navy along with boiled green soybeans are punch for calcium if you are running from lactose.

For Kids, If The Mother Is Looking For Lactose-Free Milk As It Is Always The Preferred Choice For Vitamin D And Calcium Then What Is The Key?

The answer is lactose free milk i.e. Calcium-Enriched Fat Free Milk. It has protein, Vitamin D, Vitamin A and fortified calcium. Now you feel it easy in two glasses – with no annoying lactose to enrich your kid with both calcium and vitamin D even if the kid has lactose intolerance.