Alpha Q Gold Ingredients: How They Boost Men’s Health?

Swet Musli 100 mg

Men's health

Swet Musli or Safed musli or White musli or "Divya aushad"or “ Chlorophytum borivilianum” or “Land-Caltrops” or “ Safed Musli”  or “ Dholi Musli, Khiruva” or “Swetha Musli” or “Taniravi Thang” or “Shed Haveli”.

Most common indication

  • improve sexual performance & overall health in both gender
  • helps in condition like erectile dysfunction 
  • also helpful in stress-induced sexual problems
  • improve the quality & quantity of sperm due 
  • anti-inflammatory in arthritis
  • anticancer property
  • Role of Safed Musli for Erectile dysfunction: 

  • spermatogenic property 
  • improves the testosterone levels 
  • enhances blood circulation to the genitals for lengthier erections
  • effective in male infertility and related sexual problems
  • How to consume Safed Musli:-

    Take 1/2 teaspoon of powder form with 1 cup of warm milk and honey

     Can be taken twice a day twice a day

    1-2 months for better results can be consumed

    How to consume for reducing stress:- 

    1. 1/2 teaspoon powder form  or 1 capsule form twice a day with 1 cup of lukewarm  milk with a light meal is beneficial
    2. 2-3 months for better results can be consumed

    How to consume safed musli specially in case with oligospermia (low sperm count? / how to take safed musli for increasing sperm count?

    Take 1/2 teaspoon powder form with 1 warm cup of milk 

    Good results are appreciated after 1-2 months

    The benefits of Safed Musli for Arthritis are discussed below:-

    • Saponins present in Safed Musli 
    • Sapinins have anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties.
    • It inhibits the inflammatory mediators 

    What is the action of Safed Musli as anti- Cancer? -Safed Musli contains compounds like steroidal glycoside. It has anti-cancer properties. 

    What are the benefits of Safed Musli for Diabetes mellitus (Type 1 & Type 2)?

    Precautions With Consumption Of Safed Musli

    1. Take  recommended dose under a doctor’s supervision
    2. Avoid it if you have a poor digestive system. 

    3. Breastfeeding- take doctors consultation

    4. pregnancy - take doctors consultation

    Akarkara Ext 25 mg

    Synonyms of Akarkara:

    Anacyclus pyrethrum, Kulekhara, Pellitory, Akkalkaro, Akkalgaro, Akalkara, Akkallakara, Akallakara, Akalakarabha, Akkallaka Hommugulu,, Akikaruka, Akravu, Akkalakara, Akkalakada, Akarakarabha, Akarakara Akkaraka, Akkarakaram, Akkalakarra, Aqaraqarh

    Akarkara -  perennial herb and its indications:-

     - roots of this plant are slightly aromatic and have a pungent taste.
    -manage pain 

    - inflammation related to arthritis can be managed

    - antioxidant property

    - beneficial for indigestion

    -increase men's health

    -  stimulates the secretion of saliva as well as digestive enzymes

    - improves sexual desire as well as the sexual performance of men 

    - known for maintaining the testosterone levels 

    - helpful in detoxification of the body 

    - increases urination due to its diuretic activity

    -  aid in brain function due to its memory-enhancing

    -antidepressant activity

    - solves skin problems 

    -topical solution to insect bites due to its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties

    - Applying a paste along with honey on the gums relieve toothache (symptomatic use) 

    How to consume it?:- Take 2-4 pinches of Akarkara powder in lukewarm plain water may add honey once or twice a day after meals

    Precaution: allergic to chrysanthemums, marigolds, daisies and other members of the same family may be allergic to Akarkara. Please consult your doctor before applying  or consuming Akarkara is recommended

    Ashwagandha 150 mg

    It is an antioxidant herb with anti-stress action which helps in regulating thyroid, stimulates the immune system and improves memory.

    Properties if its ayurvedic herb exploited in healthcare are: 

    1. Helps to balance the nervous system
    2. Restores energy and strength
    3. Helps to delay premature ageing
    4. Helps to relieve stress and feeling of anxiety
    5. Also used in treating impotence
    6. Helps is digestion,
    7. Help in  nourishment, 
    8. Aid  rejuvenation
    9. Helps in increasing sperm count and Quality
    10. Used in Nocturnal Emission and Spermatorrhoea
    11. Good for kidneys, testes, and pancreas

    Directions For Use:-

    1. To be swallowed if available as a tablet with water as directed by the physician. 
    2. To be taken with 1tsp with milk if taken in powder form


    • Keep out of reach of the children
    • Protect from direct sunlight


    • Sexual Neurasthenia
    • Loss of libido
    • Premature ejacualation
    • Oligospermia

    Shatawar 100 mg


    - acts as a galactagogue 

    - extensively given for the treatment of scanty lactation


    • Hyperacidity
    • Piles
    • acute diarrhea
    • disorders of blood
    • puerperal disorders
    • duodenal ulcer
    • inflammation

    Benefits of shatawar exploited in healthcare are:- 

    1. increases fertility 
    2. treats the problem of impotency
    3. effective in threatened miscarriage 
    4. balances hormones
    5. Nourishes skin
    6. cleanses the blood 
    7. good for female reproductive organs
    8. Cures  Spermatorrhea
    9. inflammation of reproductive organs in males can be cured shatawar
    10. Cures heartburn,
    11. Used in colitis
    12. Aid in treating hyperacidity
    13. Can prevent stomach ulcers
    14. Given in dysentery 
    15. Also treat bronchial infections
    16. Used as a potent diuretic

    How can shatwar be consumed:=- 1 to 2 tablets twice a day or as per physician direction

    Precaution to be taken:-

    • Store in a cool, dry and dark place
    • Protect from direct sunlight
    • Do not exceed the recommended dose
    • Keep out of the reach of children

    Shilajit Shudh 100 mg

    Shilajit shudh - helps in treating general weakness as it rejuvenates the body and restores energy.
    Shilajit has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects- Very beneficial in rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and gout.


    1. It is useful to increase the stamina and strength in men
    2. The capsules help in restoring the body's lost energy and rejuvenating it
    3. It is also used as an aphrodisiac and helps in the treatment of overall general weakness
    4. Regulates and balances life of cells
    5. Helps in strengthening bones and joints
    6. Provides relief from stress, anxiety and depression
    7. Regulates blood sugar level
    8. Anti-inflammatory
    9. Good for joints
    10. Analgesic 

    How to use the shilajit shudh- Take one to two capsules form twice a day, preferably with milk as directed by a physician.

    If available as ointment it can be applied on affected joint region

    Safety information : 

    • Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight
    • Keep out of reach of the children

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    Talmakhana 25 mg

    Talmakhana embodies antioxidant action - helps to prevent the damage caused by free radicals

    Properties of ayurvedic herb Talmakhana –

    • Antibacterial
    • Aphrodisiac
    • Demulcent
    • Diuretic
    • nutritive 
    • hepatoprotective

    Talmakhana useful in 

    • impotence 
    • increasing sperm count
    • good for liver in conditions like: jaundice and hepatitis
    • manage erectile dysfunction
    • Regulates blood sugar level
    • Contains antioxidant action
    • Used in the treatment of gout 
    • Treat urinary problems
    • Anti ageing agent
    • Anti cancer agent

    Precautions for use:

    • Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight
    • Keep out of reach of the children
    • Use under medical supervision
    men's health
    men's health


    Ayurvedic herb from orchidaceae family present in Himalayan region

    Uses of salampunja:-

    - Prevents premature aging

    - immunity booster

    - Act like a great nutrient for strengthening the body

    - Increases sperm count-

    - good for heartburn and indigestion

    - Treat diarrhea

    - Acts as an antioxidant 

    - Stimulates metabolic activities 

    - Take salampunja as directed by the physician

    -  General debility

    • weakness 
    • loss of immunity

    Storage instructions:-- Store the formulation in cool and dry place

    Safety information:

    - Read the label carefully before use
    - Do not exceed the recommended dose
    - Keep out of the reach and sight of children

    Curcumin 95% Vs Haldi (Turmeric)

    Haldi (Turmeric)- spice widely used in Asia region as currie maker and traditional medicine 

    Curcumin 95%  - active ingredient in turmeric

    Benefits Turmeric and Curcumin alone are discussed here:

    Haldi (Turmeric)Curcumin 95%  
    comes from the root of Curcuma longa, a flowering plant of the ginger familyTurmeric contains many plant substances, but one group, curcuminoids(curcumin- 2–8% of most turmeric preparations), has the greatest health-promoting effects
    used to treat skin conditions, digestive issues and aches and painsanti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and antioxidant effects
    Both (haldi) turmeric and curcumin 95%  together have given promising results:(haldi) turmeric that include curcumin 95%  reduce markers of inflammation relieve osteoarthritis symptoms  (haldi) Turmeric and curcumin 95%  may inhibit the inflammatory pathway involved in obesity (haldi) Turmeric and curcumin 95%  can reduce the risk of heart disease as a result (haldi) Turmeric and curcumin 95%  improve blood sugar metabolism(haldi) turmeric extract and curcumin 95%  were protective against chronic liver damage by helping reduce harmful oxidative stress in early stages (haldi)  turmeric and curcumin 95%  reduce the activity of colon and other cancer cells (haldi) Turmeric and curcumin95%  disrupt fungal cell membranes (haldi) Turmeric and curcumin 95% can reduce the growth of many disease-causing bacteria 

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