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About Smithways

To be a global pharmaceutical company, most admired for its Affordability, Quality and Accessibility of products.

Who We Are

Smithways foundation liaises with many renowned doctors, marketers, and the company’s directors. We communicate our medical education to our members through a established information cascade system, in order to advance medical care and improve patient outcomes.

Through conferences, we provide an opportunity for our members and others to improve their technical skills and knowledge. We ensure to conduct meetings in strict compliance with relevant laws and regulations, external standards and internal Smithways policies and procedures.

Our association is primarily made up of:

  • Expert Doctors
  • Foundation Programme Directors
  • Training Programme Directors
  • College Tutors
  • Marketers

Our Achievements




Happy Customers




Years of Care

Our Mission

Our mission is to be be the leading pharmaceutical company worldwide by 2025, in terms of innovation, affordability and quality.

To endeavor into the future with medicines and food products those are less harmful, affordable to the masses without any repercussions. The medicines introduced and supported by us are utilized for treating deadly diseases like cancer with natural ingredients within the composition. To become a recognized as domestic and internationally integrated pharmaceutical company through advanced Research, Innovation, Quality and Competence. To become the leading pharmaceutical fighter against diseases and disorder in the healthcare industry by assuring high-quality standards and cost-effective products at all times. The presence of our brand within society will mark drugs in the world of oncology, immunity booster and many more.

Our Vision

To uphold the social responsibilities of delivering highest healthcare services to all segments of society without compromising core values of integrity, good ethics and commitment by assuring high quality standards and cost effective products at all times.

The course of our company is determined by its code of values. We consistently work to ensure that patients worldwide have direct access to innovative natural pharmaceutical products in all sectors. We are guided by our commitment to serving human life by providing the medical community and patients with the most advanced therapeutic agents and food. Prior to every consideration of new path by us that brings true value to the healthcare community, to patients and their families, we think beyond the obvious; therefore we are supported by well-known doctors as well.

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Smithways stays true to its passion & commitment of healthcare with the welfare of the society.

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